Wednesday, 1 August 2012

August Newsletter

Details Released on Green Deal Scheme
The Government has released more details on the architecture of the Green Deal scheme – including information on the energy efficiency measures that will be covered by the scheme (as many as 45 different installations or processes); and the consumer protection measures that will be put in place to ensure that Green Deal installers and providers deliver the right service to the right people.
Included in the energy efficiency measures ratified by the Green Deal are:
·         Radiant heating (for example heated skirting boards, or other low-energy constant sources of heat)
·         HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning)
·         Energy efficient taps and showers
·         Rooflights.
The policymakers have been particularly careful to introduce measures reinforcing the originally stated Green Deal aims of impartial advice and best practice. Regulations require Green Deal Assessors to declare if they have any affiliation to, or are receiving commission from, Green Deal installers or Green Deal providers. Additionally, the regulation restricts cold calling to protect consumers from pressure.
DECC also published a Green Deal Impact Assessment, which states that – on average – energy bolls for consumers who take up the Green Deal should run to an overall lesser figure than in properties where the owners do nothing. That said, there is a caveat in place specifying that the Green Deal Golden Rule does not absolutely guarantee that the projected cost savings of an installation will exceed the amount of Green Deal finance taken out. DECC’s response is that the “significant protections” built into the Golden Rule – which calculates the amount of finance a property owner should be eligible for to make energy saving improvements – make the calculation robust.
DECC has also noted that the Green Deal for business will launch on October 1, at the same time as the Green Deal for residential properties. There had been some speculation as to whether the two parts of the Green Deal Scheme would be able to roll out at the same time – as the commercial and business construction and property markets are best by complexities not present in domestic ownership.

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